The Pyrenees---Southern France

The Pyrenees---Southern France

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Dreams are the Theme (This Year)

         Every year my classroom has a different theme. The most elaborate year it was a rainforest, and had vine-y flowers hanging from the ceiling, and the ceiling tiles were covered with trees (huge pieces of cardboard I had spray painted) and leaves that I had painted and laminated...Very time intensive, but everything stayed put.  The next year we were Africa (the leaves came down, the trees stayed up) and the year after that, we were the ocean (which looked much like the sky to my sometimes-snarky colleagues). Pieces of the sky kept falling down all school year.

        This year our theme is going to be "Dreams."  There are going to be clouds/sky hanging from my ceiling, along with kid-created mobiles made from CD's. Since school begins tomorrow, and since I am Princess of Procrastination, the clouds will be cut out and decoupaged today after I purchase the fabric and cut out and holepunch the posterboard clouds.

        To begin our journey together, the students are going to reflect on what their dreams are.  We're going to talk about the power of dreams and aspirations and hopefully, the children who have beaten-down spirits can raise their heads up this year and walk tall...

       As the students dig down to reveal their dreams for their future, so will I.  My friend and I have talked about going to Africa during the summer for several weeks and teaching.  Undoubtably, it would be a life-changing experience.  The airfare is too high, but if we can manage to get a sponsor, our dreams will take flight...

          One of my most deepest, darkest dreams is to become a published author.  As a kid, I wanted to be a journalist.  I was the editor of the school newspaper, won some journalism awards, read voraciously, and always dreamed of having a book of mine for sale in book stores.  Have I done everything I can to make that dream a reality? Sadly, no.

           If I expect my students to believe in themselves, so should I.  Therefore, this will be a journey we will all  take this year.

painting by Jason Reynolds

          One of the things that will be prominently displayed is a painting my son-in-law did.  Our president is there because one man dreamed about what this country could be.  Our president is there because many people in many neighborhoods went door to door and stood shoulder to shoulder at political gatherings, nurturing a flame.  Our president is there because an entire race of people kept their dreams alive for hundreds of years.

        As Aerosmith sang decades ago, "Dream on, dream until your dream comes true."



  1. i can't wait to see your "deepest darkest" dream see the light of day. Hang in there.

  2. Hi! I sent you The Amazingness Award

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  3. Geeez, Sioux. You just gave me goose-bumps! And you know what?? You WILL become that published author, because we writer friends of yours will cheer you along and pester you and not leave you alone, until YOU DO IT!! :D


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