The Pyrenees---Southern France

The Pyrenees---Southern France

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Another Writer Heard From...

         Somehow, Jennee's contest submission got lost in cyberspace.  I wanted to make sure it was published here. Again, it amazes me that each writer came at it from a different direction.

         The piece had to be 200 words or less, it had to include a bit of poetry (at least a couplet) and it used the photo below as inspiration.

photo by Rhodentette

           Here is Jennee's piece:

Rushing around, faster than the wind
Rushing around until you can't stand
Stop. Rest. Relax.
Life becomes a blur, the beauty to pass
Life is a blur, this lifestyle can't last
Stop. Rest. Relax.

The words of the hypnotist make my eyes heavy. I fight to stay alert. I don't have time to relax right now but the man speaking the words is calming, soft and sincere. How can I stop, rest and relax?  I'm too busy.

Forget the worries, forget your stress
Time management is an answer to your mess
Stop. Rest. Relax.
Fulfill your life by taking moments
This isn't a far fetched idea, just common sense
Stop. Rest. Relax.

Everything around me is blurry as I drift into oblivion.  I feel myself sitting in a red chair in the middle of nowhere. I'm sitting there admiring the mountains' alarming beauty. The fresh air softens my tense facial expressions and the voice chanting stop, rest, relax fades.


I'm alert and refreshed.  I glance around to the large auditorium to the 200 business men and women in suits. None of us are jumping up to move on to our next appointment.  We all just stop, rest and relax.

           ---Jennee Thompson and her cheap therapy.


  1. Aw, thanks for posting it! It was a fun prompt to do!

  2. Hey, that was really good! Thanks, Sioux for giving us another great story to read!

  3. Good job Jennee. My dad was a professional hypnotist (no joke--he used hypnosis in conjunction with counseling to help people focus, lose weight, stop smoking, control pain, etc.) and I can attest to the theme of your story!


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