The Pyrenees---Southern France

The Pyrenees---Southern France

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Where Have All the Tigers Gone?

     Imagine a guitarist strumming along...

Where have all the tigers gone?
Long time passing...

Where have all the tigers gone?
Long time ago...
Where have all the tigers gone?
Poachers extinguished them,
One by one.
When will we ever learn?
When will we ever learn? *

      A blogger friend of mine, Rohin Kallat, has a marvelous post about the plight of the tigers. The picture he paints should cause everyone to go to the zoo and drink in the sight of these gorgeous beasts, because they probably won't be around for too much longer.

     And in case you want to enjoy some delicacies from the plundering and poaching of these big cats, here is how much you need to stuff into your wallet:

   pair of tiger eyes  $175-250
   raw tiger bone $140-370 per kg.
   powdered tiger bone $3,000-4,000 per kg. (so, order the
     raw tiger bone--it's a bargain!)
   tiger skin $15,000
   and the piece de resistance:  tps $320 a bowl (tiger penis soup)

     Choose your tiger from the following photos. You pick 'em and we'll poach 'em.  But hurry. Don't spend too much time on your appetizer. Soon they'll be extinct...
photo by ianmichaelthoms
photo by Swamibu
photo by law_keven
(Note:  If you want the ground-up bones of both the mother AND the cub, that'll cost you extra.)
photo by digitalART2
(Note:  The eyeballs of the tiger cub are the most succulent.  Those'll cost you extra.)

photo by Firdaus

*For those who are not 300 years old, you won't have any idea of the melody, and if you are old enough to have heard the folk song Where Have All the Flowers Gone but were a conservative, you'll still be clueless. Sorry.


  1. Hi Sioux, I have almost caught up in reading your posts. You are a funny lady. I love the piece about the bra. What about tissue stuffing and how one side was fuller than the other? A suggestion (it might be my eyes, though)-I am having difficulty reading the comments posted by others with the gray background. But like I said, my eyes aren't the strongest right now.

  2. You really want to see these animals in their majestic happiness? There are two phenomenal resources a short drive away!

    The National Tiger Sacntuary,, recently opened and is located about half an hour south of St. Louis.

    The original sanctuary is Crown Ridge,, located just south in St. Genevieve.

    Missouri is one of the biggest offenders of the exotic animal trade in the world...the world! It is also one of the greatest sites of rehabilitation for the victims of the trade. Believe it or not Warren County, in our own backyard, has been the site of some of the largest exotic animal auctions and seizures in the world...again, in the world!

    Get educated. Get smart. Get active. There's my PSA for the day. : )

  3. Oh, my. How terribly sad. What are we doing to ourselves? These noble creatures, and so many others, deserve more than we humans have allowed them. Thanks for a great post.

  4. I think we are still the meth capital, and the puppy mill capital. Now I hear Missouri is the leader when it comes to the trade of exotic animals...How did so many crazy people converge onto one geographic area?

  5. What an enlightening post. I had no idea. And your portrayal of these majestic creatures is superb.

  6. Why don't we put a bounty on poachers? Bring in a set of poacher's eyes -- $150 to $300 (depending on the color). Bounty hunter bones (powdered) $425. A bounty hunter head $750. Let these self-serving wildlife bandits know what it's like to live with a price on their various parts. Wouldn't we all love to sit in front of the fire with a poacher-skin rug underneath our feet? Just fantasizing about true justice ...


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