The Pyrenees---Southern France

The Pyrenees---Southern France

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Joan of Arc

          Recently I was reminded of my "saint phase" by one of Donna Volkenannt's posts.  (By the way, you will not find a more generous blogger than Donna when it comes to contests and calls for submissions.  And she's nearing 100 followers...Perhaps you will be the one to help her reach that milestone?)

        Not a Catholic, I nonetheless scoured the bookmobile for books about saints, had the delusion I could become a saint...I've since figured out it was my pixie haircut, my tomboy ways, my fondness for rocking the boat (as opposed to a saint-like life) that resulted in this phase.

photo by Saint Joan of Arc Superstar

       But Joan of Arc appeared again! 'Tis Kismet! If you have never read Fireblossom's poetry, you will be blown away when you partake. Her poem posted on Friday, February 4 is called "Orleans" and it is delightful mix of the sacred ancient and the shallow present.  (I also went through a Rod McKuen phase, so this poem is a doubly delicious.) 

       Take the time to go back into her archives and read some of her work. There is something (Ithink) for everyone...


  1. Oh my gosh, you're a doll! Thank you kindly for the kudos!

    I love St. Joan, and often wonder how she might react to the modern world, and it to her.

    I'm off to visit your friend you mentioned at the beginning of the post. :-)

  2. Hi Sioux, I came over for a visit to say hello, my third name is Joan, chosen for my confirmation when I was 12. We were allowed pick any saint name we wanted and I always thought Joan of Arc was such a 'sassy' lady. Nice to meet you (virtually at least). I am totally with you on the France love!

  3. Sioux,
    You always have such diverse posts. When I was a little kid,-don't pee your pants laughing -I thought that clowns were a separate species,(males, females, clowns) and nuns in black habits with not a sprig of hair sticking out were saints.

  4. I've been thrice blown away by this post. I too was a non-Catholic saint wanna-be. I even piously fasted for a whole day once in junior high. It was so romantic.

    And Fireblossom's poetry. WOW.

    And then Linda's comment! I thought the same thing as a kid! Too funny. Thanks.

  5. Hey, I like the sound of it...St. Sioux!


  6. Great poem. Thanks for the link! I, too, am a non-Catholic, but as kid I wanted to be a nun. Sally Field just made it look like such fun, ya know? Then I found out "no boys allowed" and that was the end of my nun phase. LOL

  7. Hi Sioux, Thanks for directing me to that poem. Lovely! I once thought Rod McKuen was a saint...

  8. Hi Sioux,
    Thanks for mentioning my blog. Sorry I haven't responded sooner.
    I love your post about your writerly "affairs."


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