The Pyrenees---Southern France

The Pyrenees---Southern France

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A "Made-Me-Feel-Dirty" Weekend

          A couple of weeks ago I spent the day at a puppy mill auction.  Dogs that were no longer wanted by puppy mill breeders--the younger dogs, the ones with one eye or three legs or one testicle--they were all for sale.

         And even though it was unbelievably muddy, that was not why I took a long, hot shower when I got home.

         It was a disgusting experience...And try as I might, I could not wash off the sleaziness and disgust that I had become encased in.

photo by Star Cat

        As I watched dogs, their hopeful eyes pleading, get sold for anywhere from $5 to several hundred dollars, I grew more and more despondent.  Only a few of the bidders were with a rescue group; the rest were Amish (puppy mills is now one of their new ways of making big money), Mennonite, and the rest were folks I considered "typical" for where we were and what we were doing.  And what we were doing was horrible...

       The auction was held on the property of a puppy mill that was retiring its "stock."  Their house was quite nice----spacious-looking (from the outside) and brick. Probably comfortable inside.  The family probably padded around in the evening on carpeting or lovely hardwood floors.

        Dogs that live to breed are not so lucky.  Some of them never get to stand or walk on grass.  Some of them don't even have enough room to turn around.  And almost none of them get the chance to know what a loving home is like...

photo by rglaser

        Unfortunately, most of the property was off-limits. Several large buildings could be seen, wire cages (empty) were stacked inside, but signs clearly said, "Stay away."  Also posted were signs warning us to not take any photos or videos. 

         The auctioneer, when a pregnant dog was being bid on, would call out, "She's showin' a belly, she's got a belly," and the assistants would hold the dog up for everyone to see. 

         By seven that evening, the Golden Retrievers we had bought were loaded in the car. Our rescue friends bid on Bloodhounds and Japanese Chin and various other canines. Altogether, 31 dogs were rescued, which meant no more litters would be born because of those dogs.  Thirty-one out of more than 300. Not very good odds, I'd day...   

photo by tcsails


  1. What a terrible situation. I'm glad at least a few of these innocents were rescued. It sickens me to know that friends of this despicable industry are now doing everything they can to gut the new legislation passed to protect dogs from deplorable puppy mill conditions.


  2. How sad the way some people treat animals. I had no idea the Amish are into puppy mills.

  3. I don't even know what to say. My heart breaks for the the animals...they are so mistreated. I recently started visiting the ASCPA website and the information they post is horrifying. Even small donations help, and the organization does work politically to try and change the laws.

  4. Pat--I agree. What they're trying to do with Prop B is horrible.

    Donna--I was unaware, too, until recently. I guess greed has no boundaries...

    Lisa--"Horrifying" fits. Just look at the dogs in your life, give them some extra attention, and make a wish for the dogs that don't have such good fortune...

  5. This was heartbreaking to read, but so valuable. Thank you for getting the word out.


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