The Pyrenees---Southern France

The Pyrenees---Southern France

Saturday, March 12, 2011

One Big Lie Wrapped Up in Four Truths

        Tammy's a liar.  A stretcher-of-the-truth. A teller of tall tales. A fabricator. In other words, she's a writer...

       While reading her blog, I discovered Tammy had passed the liars' torch to me, along with this award:

         According to requirements of the award, in order to receive the huge cash prize and the semi full of Rice a Roni that accompanies the cute colorful certificate, I must tell you four truths and a lie. See if you can discern which one is the lie:

  • I've been skydiving before. In fact, I've done it three times and look forward to doing it again.
  • I have a half-sister who is in prison for life, without parole, for killing her step-grandson. 
  • I once worked in the Chrysler plant for a short period of time; unfortunately, my ineptitude got me fired.
  • Both of my children were born at home, by choice, without any drugs.
  • I once spent the summer working in a national forest. It was an all-women work camp, and involved stringing barbed wire, digging post holes (by hand) and clearing trails.

(I think I am also supposed to post a photo of me writing.  That will have to wait until next week...)

          Now I am going to pass on this award to some of my blogging friends. (And I must admit, a few of these bloggers I've picked because I am dying to see what kind of lie they brew up.) And the few, the chosen, the awarded, are:

         Lisa Ricard Claro and her wonderful blog and meme. She writes marvelous stuff, shares writing opportunities, and has even launched a new meme recently.  Check out her Book Blurb Friday if you haven't already...

       Janel and her "Jumble." She writes. She creates bracelets and necklaces that are works of art.  She's way too talented for her own good. Let's see if she can spin a tall tale as well as she can weave wire and beads.

       Katie and her writing from the west coast.  Sometimes the stories she tells (true ones) are so hilarious and "out there," I'm suspicious.  I think she's a well-honed liar, but I could be wrong.

       Liza Bean, in care of her two-legged friend Pearl.  Of course, Pearl is welcome to tell four truths and a lie, too, but I am far more interested in Liza Bean's hair-raising "tails."

       Linda and her blog.  Linda shares her writing expertise--generously--and she makes me laugh (as do the vast majority of my blogging buddies).

        OJ Gonzalez-Cazares and her blog.  She's done quite a bit of traveling, and has a unique spin on life.  I think even her truths would sound like lies.

       Barb and her purple pen.  I am looking forward to her four truths and a lie, written with a rhyme scheme...

        Becky Povich and her blog.  Ooops, sorry. She's supposed to be working on her memoir and not spending endless hours on blogspot.  (You can write four fast truths and an even quicker lie...And then get back to your book!)

       And finally, last but certainly not least, is Donna and her book publishing blog.  Everyone's heard the phrase, "Still waters run deep."  That's Donna.  Who knows what kind of crazy, far-fetched true tales she's keeping hidden, under the surface? It'll be fascinating to find out.



  1. Hey Sioux, First, thanks so much for passing along the award. But I ALWAYS tell the truth, and that's no lie! Hmm... I'm wondering about your list. Maybe, instead of posting a picture of you writing, you can post one of you skydiving? I don't know... I think the lie is the part about the huge cash prize and the semi full of Rice a Roni. It's the Rice a Roni part that made me suspicious.

  2. Four truths and a lie is Sue’s desire,
    So I’ll put pen to paper and be a liar.
    Going on forty-two years to the same wonderful man.
    I also was able to shake President Obama’s hand.
    Taught school for some 23 plus years.
    Had one awful class that reduced me to tears.
    I am grandma to eight, two girls and six boys.
    They fill us with wonder and many joys.
    There Sioux, it’s done in rhyme, what mental fun.
    Now where’s the lie, which one, which one?

  3. Oh, shucks, Sioux! Thanks! I'm flattered and can't wait to see what I can come up know I'm not very good at fiction!! And thanks for allowing me a tiny break from my writing to participate. I must admit I haven't written AT ALL today, because I've been busy with Vern! :)

  4. Congratulations on the award! Now which is the lie? If number two is true, OMG. How awful for you and your family. I'll say number two is the lie, only because I don't want it to be true.

  5. Hi Sioux,
    Congratulations on the award and thanks for passing it on to me. I'm flattered. Now I have to come up with a whopper.
    As for your not-so-true statement. I'm thinking your children might have been born at hime, but not but not by choice.

  6. Congrats on the award - and thanks for passing it on to me! If the skydiving thing is true I am bowing in respect. That is one thing I would never do!

  7. You seem like the adventurous type, so skydiving is a possibility. The second one is not something that would occur to me to make up. I read on your blog that your daughter was born at home, so I'm betting that one is true. The Youth Conservation Corps could have put you to work in one of Missouri's national forests.

    So...I'm picking the Chrysler work as a lie. From what I've heard, you needed connections to get a job there. And with their union, it would take a while to get fired.

    But what do I know? I was wrong on Tammy's lie. I posted my own, but I already gave away the answer in the comments.

  8. Sioux,
    Home birth, no drugs? You're kidding? Liar-liar pants on fire.

    Or maybe you did! Shoot if you could clear a forest, you could deliver a baby. So...Hmmm... maybe it's the parachute. Do tell.

  9. I think you're lying about being fired from Chrysler, because I cannot imagine you being inept at anything!

    Thanks for "passing the liar's torch" into my hands. I wish I had read your blog before I posted tonight. I'll take care of this in the next day or two after giving it some thought. Hmmmm....thinking about it now....

  10. I hope number 2 is the lie, so I am going to say that.

    Clearly, you realize that I never make things up, and that is why I didn't get the award. Yep, that has to be why. That's why, right? ;-)

  11. Have to say, that first sentence was quite a greeting after a hectic weekend away from blogging! :-o I am totally stumped, but #2 sticks out to me simply because it's a little beefier than the rest. So I pick that one.

  12. Hey Sioux, after re-reading this, I see that you've chosen just about everyone I was thinking about bestowing this award upon!! minds...


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