The Pyrenees---Southern France

The Pyrenees---Southern France

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Fiction is Stranger Than Life

       It was a flight to Boston. Not a direct one, but I was going to be able to stay on the plane while they partially unloaded and then reloaded.

       When we got to Chicago and all but 24 of us got off, I got my bag out of the overhead compartment and moved to a seat a few rows from the front.  What luck!  I'll be able to pick out a primo spot. And on Southwest...Unheard of!

photo by vpickering

       As I was putting the bag into the overhead compartment above my new seat, one of the stewards said, "Don't bother stowing your bag."  She had a whiff of a smile on her face.

       "Why?" I asked. She told me she was not allowed to say, and turned her attention to doing something steward-y.

        Oh my gosh!  We are going to be the only ones aboard this plane.  Some kind of screw-up happened, and nobody else is getting on.  Only a couple of dozen people on this big ol' plane.  I don't have to cram my bag into some compartment because we are going to have lots and lots of room to spread out...

       I thought about the special fun we'd have on this special flight. Since it was Southwest, there'd be joking and cavorting, for sure. And I looked up at the ceiling and thought, Disco ball!

photo by createsimona

       I was sure there was a special "attic-type" door in the ceiling of the plane, and down would drop a disco ball.  And then the real festivities would begin...

         But then the steward got on the intercom.  "Ladies and Gentlemen:  We are part of a plane swap. You'll have to exit the plane, but..." She explained we were going to be allowed to board first on our new plane but get off, we must.

           I think I'm going to crawl back into my fantasy and continue the dream...



  1. Great fantasy. Love the idea of the disco ball descending. And, of course, we know -- from recent events -- that the top ends of Southwest planes are not locked in position :)

  2. Airlines are all part of a global science experiment by aliens to see how much stress, humiliation and discomfort humans are willing to endure in exchange for quick travel. You never see the aliens, but oh how they laugh and laugh as they continuously add new obstacles and tortures...

  3. Airlines--if it isn't one thing, it's another. But where would we be without them? Southwest by stagecoach?

  4. LOL I always knew you were an optimist! The disco ball is beyond special. Haha!! You're a hoot.

  5. Sioux, your story is hilarious, as always, but OMG...Katie, Fireblossom and Clara all made me LOL, too!! Such creative, funny gals! (Sorry,'ll have to come back and write something funny in the comments, too!)


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