The Pyrenees---Southern France

The Pyrenees---Southern France

Monday, May 30, 2011

Only 26 More to Go...

photo by miss kathryn
(What is wrong with Miss Kathryn?  Why is her desk so clean?)

         I am quite proud of my smidgen of productivity. Today I submitted two pieces. The story I sent off to Thin Threads (thank you, Lisa Ricard Claro *) was actually 5 1/2 hours early. (It had a deadline of today; I figured "today" extended to midnight, and since I sent if off at 6:30 tonight, I was working way ahead of schedule...for me.) 

        This was a piece I really wrestled with. It had too many words, so once I finished getting it down, I had to carve and whittle away at it. And the way the parts fit together clumsily...this piece was a PITA! ** I sent it to a friend who gave me great suggestions. In the end, I was satisfied with it (for now).

         I also sent a story off to Chicken Soup for the Soul. To be completely honest, this was a story I've had on the backburner for a while. It only needed some minor tweaking. But still, I'm counting it as a second submission in one day.

        And I felt like a busy bee until I read that today, Linda O'Connell wrote and sent off 28 submissions. *** IN ONE DAY! How in the world does she do it?

         But if you check out her blog, you realize that she has so many places where she has been published, she has a 2nd and 3rd blog just so they all can be listed.  Amazing!

         I have another Chicken Soup piece in mind that I'm going to start tonight. And if I'm going to catch up with Linda, I guess I'd better write fast...

* If you haven't used it yet, click on the "Writers--Paying Markets" button at the top right of Lisa's blog. She got me on the trail of Becky Haigler and Silver Boomer Books (I have a story in their patriotic anthology coming out this summer!).  I guess when I make some big money, I'll have to give Lisa a cut...

** You don't know what PITA means?  Not that lovely soft bread-like stuff that can be filled and eaten like a sandwich. In this instance, PITA stands for "pain in the ___."

*** Okay, this was a slight exaggeration, but not by much. There was a day recently where Linda wrote and submitted seven essays! IN ONE DAY! Geez! I'm starting to get suspicious...

(All of a sudden, Linda's litte granddaughter Nicole has popped up with great frequency. I wonder...Has Linda trained that little doll to tap away on the computer?  Has Linda set up her own version of a sweatshop as she keeps Nicole chained to the computer keyboard?  That way, Linda could be working on another story while she dictates a story to Nicole...I think I need to call the authorities...Oops, I can't take time out for that---I need to work on another submission...)



  1. I can list all the places I've been published right here lol.

    my blogs

    There! Done!

  2. Sioux,
    I swear, I have been swesaring all morning because some crack addict*** confiscated my blog list from my blog and I had the most difficult time trying to find you.

    I read this post and thought 28!? Then I pictured your tongue firmly pressed inside your cheek. Cute post and thanks for the shout out. I hope we both get published in the same CS and TT book, then we can tour. I wrote about relationships/marriage.

    Next time you are in my neck of the woods for ice cream let me know and I'll meet you.

  3. Congratulations on being an Early Bird for that deadline! Write on, Sioux!

  4. I know! I too have wondered how she does it. Thanks for the excuse; I need a granddaughter! Who knew?! Congrats on your submissions. You're doing better than I have been for sure!

  5. Thanks for the linky-love. :) I'm so happy that my list of markets helped you! I keep tending to it, but this is the first time anyone has let me know it was helpful. Yee-haw! I'm so happy I helped! (I'll stop gushing...or risk sounding like the kid from the old Shake & Bake commercial.) made my whole day. Maybe my week!

  6. Fireblossom---But your followers trail after you with drool dripping down, waiting for your next poem.

    Linda--I'd love to meet you at Ted Drewes.

    Thanks, Clara Gillow Clark. I need all the nudging I can get.

    Tammy--You've got kidlets still at home. That makes a difference...

    Lisa---I know the exact commercial...The kid had a tooth (or two) missing, she had braided pigtails (I think) and she proudly exclaimed, "And I helpt!"


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