The Pyrenees---Southern France

The Pyrenees---Southern France

Friday, May 20, 2011

Total Eclipse of the Original

         I read Becky Povich's post, which mentioned her wanting to see a total eclipse of the sun. Immediately, I thought of a youtube bit that's funny and well done. And it takes me back---rushing---to my past.

      If you're 50 or 60-something, you might remember a song entitled Total Eclipse of the Heart. Bonnie Tyler did it, and it engulfed the airwaves for a while...

Total Eclipse Of The Heart
     For some time there has a been a very humorous version on youtube. The singer is decent, and the new lyrics take a light-hearted look at the cheese-y original lyrics.

     Here's the link if you haven't seen it before and you need a blast from the past and a chuckle this morning (and it's probably my last post for a few days, as I am knee deep in report cards...).

       Becky--This one's for you!


  1. Your life gets totally eclipsed when you are a teacher.

  2. Good luck with your report cards!

  3. Hey, Sioux...thanks!...but OMG, I'll have that stupid song in my mind for too long! I'd never seen the "real" video...we didn't have MTV back then! Too funny! What a ridiculous mish mash!!
    See you when you climb out of the report cards!

  4. Aw, c'mon. If you didn't love that song in the 80s, you got your Girl Card revoked. I still love that song.

    I'm not listening to any parody. La la la la la not listening....

  5. How do you find this stuff! You want us to believe you're inundated with report cards. Ha! You're surfing YouTube looking for 80s parody videos!

    P.S. Missed your BBF! Try to take a minute or two for yourself this weekend. I bet Foley would love a little "mommy and me" time. :)

  6. Linda---R U finished with your paperwork yet? I was quicker than I imagined...I still have some forms to fill out and data to collect, but my report cards are--stick a fork in 'em--done!

    Thanks, Donna. I had a mind-numbing session at work, and then worked for three hours after everyone else left to finish them up. The custodians kept giving me evil looks, but oh well...

    Becky--You should check out the original as well. It'll take you right back to the 80's in an instant.

    Fireblossom---I DID love the song, but you have to admit, the music video was corny. Please don't take my girl card away. Perhaps you need to watch the parody so you can criticize it in an informed way...?

    Lisa--I found this because I got me some rental kids---just like you---and I make them stay up late at night and surf the web for interesting tidbits. (Foley only likes "My Ball and Me" time. Sigh.)


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