The Pyrenees---Southern France

The Pyrenees---Southern France

Friday, July 15, 2011

Book Blurb Friday #20

It's Book Blurb Friday again, hosted by the lovely and talented Lisa Ricard Claro on her blog, Writing in the Buff.  The object is to hone our talents at writing book blurbs. After all, someday, some of us will really have best-selling books that will be begging for a blurb...

Lisa provides a photo. We have only a 150 word limit; the rest is up to us. Fiction or nonfiction? Serious or humorous? We get to decide.

Read Lisa's blurb, leave a comment, link your blog to Lisa's via Mr. Linky, and then read and comment on the other blurbs. Below is the photo for this week along with my blurb. I hope you enjoy...

photo by Christina Claro

The Bridge to Somewhere

Across the bridge…her childhood crush. The boy who wore harness boots and could rebuild an engine like he made love: JW didn’t miss an inch of anything, and both the engine and the girl would end up purring in the end.

If Maggie turned and headed back, on the other end of the bridge was her husband Richard. Dependable. Supportive. A straight arrow. The father of their three grown children.

An unexpected letter from JW sent Maggie reeling and eventually... to this bridge, and the awful decision she had to make.

Standing in the middle of the wooden bridge, looking at the river below, she watched the driftwood flowing with the current. She stared off into the horizon. After a while, she smiled, knowing where she was headed.

Will Maggie choose the past or the present? Will her fantasies become a reality? Or will her past root her in reality?

(150 words)


  1. You have to know the first paragraph alone is enough to send a romance lover to the check-out, wallet at the ready. This is awesome, Sioux. And what a dilemma! Passion versus stability, and the answer depends on her heart's desire (and I have to read the book to learn what that is). Terrific!

  2. Yep, that first paragraph is a beaut! I love how she's standing both literally and figuratively in the middle, and then...the knowing smile! Irresistible.

  3. Great blurb, I'd have to buy the book just find out what she does.

  4. I would love to read this and am sure that the story leading to this moment would be as intriguing as the decision. Wonderful blurb!

  5. I agree, would love to buy this book!

  6. Does Maggie's car need work? That might affect her decision!


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