The Pyrenees---Southern France

The Pyrenees---Southern France

Monday, February 27, 2012

Are You Hooked on Hockey?

        Chicken Soup for the Soul has extended their deadline for hockey stories. That means only one thing: they have not gotten enough marvelous entries to round out their anthology.

      And that means one thing to us as writers: we have a few more days to send  in a submission (or another submission). The deadline is March 4.

      I sent in a submission about being in the locker room with Brett Hull; getting drawn in by his impossibly-blue eyes, I became a cougar--or at least a cougar in my mind. (I hope my submission is not one they have tossed aside as crappy...)

     I did have another story that I had worked on, but it needed major revising. Chicken Soup's extension has prodded me to take the time to work on it, so I can increase my chances...a little.

     Neither of my stories are true hockey stories. I've never been to an entire hockey game--only to one partial game. I imagine there are writers out there who have a hockey story to tell (their son played street hockey or hockey in school) but it's stuck in the crevices of their mind.

    Dig around. Unearth that story. And submit...


  1. Hi Sioux,
    Your post about Brett Hull brought back memories of running into him at a restaurant. One of my very pregnant friends had a huge crush on him. She was expecting her third child, and darned if she didn't name him Brett.

  2. Donna--It sounds like you could write a CS story about that. Think about it!

  3. Extended deadlines, I think, give everybody a better chance at getting accepted. I'm out, though. Not a big hockey fan!

  4. The last time I was ordered to submit, there were restraints involved!

  5. Get on that other story Sioux. I've got nothing when it comes to hockey. I couldn't even make up anything if I had to.

  6. Janel--Neither am I. That's the challenge.


    Lynn--Well, since you know how much revising my story needs, you know I've got my work cut out for me.


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