The Pyrenees---Southern France

The Pyrenees---Southern France

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


           There is the popular WWJD. There is the lesser-known WWSD. What Would Sioux Do?  (The answers vary from "make a snarky remark," to "embarrass herself by getting her head stuck in a sink.") But with increasing frequency, I turn to WWWWWPD.

        What Would Wild Women Wielding Pens Do?

        As I write, even if it is not a piece I'm able to share with my writing critique group, I try to imagine what they would suggest. What parts would they advise I change? Which lines would they say I need to tighten up? Geeze Louise--what about all those darned ellipsis you use, Sioux?

       Who knew? Not only does my critique group help me immensely with my writing when we meet, and they push me to write and submit with greater frequency, but they also help me in absentia...

       If you're curious what goes on at our writing critique nights, below are some photos of the members. (I'm not in any of the photos because I took the pictures.)
We're so excited to get together on Wednesdays, this member drove to our critique meeting
(at a very high rate of speed,with her car window open). We were too nice to make a comment on her hair.
photo by

All of us are quite flexible, as you can see embodied in this member.
photo by rich hinton

Between readings, we sometimes relax in Lynn's backyard.
photo by Sohail Nashir

To mix things up, one evening we went to the beach...Times Beach...and soaked up some sun.
photo by Bart Ceuppens



  1. You made me laugh. :-)

    I often ask myself "WWPD"? And then I ask myself, "What are ya, nuts?"


    p.s. LOVE the thought of embarrassing one's self by getting your head stuck in the sink. As a woman who washes her hair in the kitchen sink on occasion, this really tickles me.

  2. Hey should enlighten the rest of your readers (non-local) about the fabulous Times Beach! :)

  3. Holy heck. I would love to get all cerebral with those last two.

  4. Girl, are you still sipping green suds? Do not post anymore revealing photos of me :)

  5. Pearl--I DID get my head stuck washing my hair. It was pathetically funny.

    Becky--I'm not going to tell anyone about Times Beach. That's our little gem that we need to keep to ourselves...

    Shay--That's odd. I thought sure the first one was your type. ;)

    Linda--Bill slipped me that pic of you. You can thank HIM.

  6. Geez, you're funny... looking forward to some flexible, hair blowing, times.

  7. Well, if you went to Times Beach, you soaked up more than some sun. Which might explain the um...BREATHTAKINGNESS...of your group members.

  8. Lynn--Yes, Beth is quite flexible, isn't she.

    Val--How else would we get such a glow?

  9. Haha! Now you've got me re-imagining my own critique group. Hehehe...

  10. Lisa--Yes, I'm sure Debra Mayhew and Cathy C. Hall (and I think I'm forgetting someone) look just like the members in my critique group. (We all know how cute YOU are!)

  11. That's funny, because you guys are in my head, too. Or am I hallucinating again due to too many fun times in Times Beach? And if that's what we look like (and of course it definitely IS), what do the men in our lives look like? Oh, wait--or what COULD they look like if we had any?


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