The Pyrenees---Southern France

The Pyrenees---Southern France

Friday, June 22, 2012

Talkin' Trash

          Little known fact about me: I used to be a professional wrestler.

          This was in the 60's, way before female wrestlers were thin and tanned and gorgeous. In the old days, women wrestlers had lots of hair--true--but most of it was between their nose and their upper lip.

photo by sabreliode
           In my era, when I reigned in the ring, women "rasslers" were bulkier. They were brawnier. They were tough. Sadly, I still eat like I am bulking up for a bout, so the only "ring" I see these days is caused by the over-strained elastic in my pants...

         This week, I tried to encourage Cathy C. Hall to submit a story to Mozark Press. They're looking for fictional bad hair day stories. And my intention? Just some gentle prodding. Some writerly encouragement.

        Well, Cathy threw me against the ropes with a roar. She accused me of "talking trash" (which I never do--I am always genteel and demure) and then challenged me to a game of Donkey Kong. I immediately retreated into the corner, whimpering.

       What kind of teasing/prodding/encouraging do you do or receive that helps others/you as a writer? 

       And as for how I will answer the fierce competitive spirit of Cathy C. Hall? Perhaps we need to settle it with sticks. (And Cathy knows what I'm talkin' 'bout.) 

           By the way, if you live in the St. Louis area, next Friday (June 29), Jodi Picoult will be a speaker at the St. Louis County Library Headquarters. She, along with her daughter, has written a book. (And since Linda O'Connell has a previous engagement, she won't be in front of me in line, waiting for the doors to open.)  If there are any friends who would like to join me, let me know...
                                                photo by dcnerd
                        (Picoult writes wonderful novels---"Sing You Home" is one
                          of my favorites, along with my all-time favorite of hers,
                                          "Handle With Care.")


  1. Well, I would *like* to attend, very much in fact, but St. Louis is a bit far for this Michigan girl to come! I am almost finished with SYH, and love love love it. I have to read that other one, too.

    The thing that prods me the most is when Hedgewitch has the audacity to trot out some masterpiece and raise the bar to a level where I am jumping after it like a toddler trying to make a slam dunk. She is evil, and only my burning desire to get even with her allows me to take up my pen again and write something that will annoy her even more! :-P

  2. My, my...aren't YOU quite the Jill of All Trades! A wrestler, you say? I am impressed. Just ignore those folks who say you couldn't wrestle your head out of a faculty bathroom sink.

    You need to be compensated for your untiring work as Chief Cheerleader of Submissions in Blogland.

  3. Hi Sioux! I would LOVE to see Jodi. I'll have to see about it. I suppose we need to RSVP to the library?

  4. Fireblossom--Both you and Hedgewitch raise the bar impossibly high. You're BOTH evil. ;)

    Val--Yes, and if you believe that tale, I've got more stories for you.

    Becky--It's the same routine as always: no need for RSVP, just get there god-awful early.

  5. Always learning something new about friends. Remind me not to mess with you any more... :-) I, too, am impressed.

  6. If you thought mentioning that you were once a wrestler would scare me then you thought...right. (She said, running off like a little girly-girl. But she took her laptop with her-;-)

  7. Lynn and Cathy---Yes, I'm working with "fiction" all the time. If you believe that story, I will tell you all about the time I saw Bigfoot...

  8. Writers' blogs inspire me! Why do I have a sudden urge to write a story about a female wrestler????

  9. Mary--I'm with you completely. So many times, I read something on a blog and it sparks something in me.

  10. Fortunately it's one battle both of you can win, and I hope you do!


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