The Pyrenees---Southern France

The Pyrenees---Southern France

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Good News, Bad News, You Choose Your News

         On Monday I got some good news. Becky Haigler, of Silver Boomer Books, sent me a contract for my poem, "No Need for a Card." Their book, A Quilt of Holidays will be published sometime this fall, in time for...well, in time for the holidays, silly.

        Now for the bad news. Last night I went to Open Mic night at the Kirkwood Train Station. Linda O'Connell invited her WWWPs, and when I heard that Marcia Gaye would be reading, it was like icing on the cake--or for a more concrete connection, like extra malt powder in my malt--because Marcia hardly ever reads her stuff. (Marcia had won first prize in the SLWG's poetry contest.)

     I read the following piece, which is where the bad news comes in. Some things we mourn are unavoidable. Some grieving cannot be helped, and our lost youth is one of them.

      Be prepared. You will sniff and cry and sob...

Getting older was something I longed for---

Free choices—I needed so many more.

I grew up too fast,

My parents were aghast,

And my youth…gone for evermore.

Twenty-something, I was fit and thin

I even had only one chin!

Things were where they belonged

(I could still wear a thong)

But no! Granny pants still made me grin.

In my thirties things started to migrate

How many of you ladies can relate?

My gut got a bit flabbio

(Now I’d never snag Fabio!)

Thank god! Elastic was there to accommodate.

Once I hit forty things had gone all awry

I needed glasses for both of my eyes.

My mustache I couldn’t see

Nor my growing goatee,

Without a mirror that could magnify.

In my fifties, I’ve let everything go.

My gut is now like risen bread dough.

I can now tuck in my pants,

What I used to enhance,

And my butt needs its own private bungalow.

So ladies—and gents—here’s my advice.

Growing old ain’t all sugar and spice.

Enjoy life as it comes

Savor every last crumb

And good looks…they’re so overpriced.

And now, for the "you choose your news" part of this post.  Not Your Mother's Books is looking for your stories. They're seeking stories more twisted than Chicken Soup tales. Put the fun in dysfunctional and submit.

You never know. That little vignette you send off could result in your story getting published. And then you'll have good news to share soon...


  1. Such poignantly true poetry! CONGRATULATIONS on your upcoming Silver Boomer Books publication!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Geeze, I am losing it. I had written, your mom is so true. What a I meant to write was your POEM is so true. Also hooray for you. You made the cut and I did not!

  4. Tammy--Yes, it's sad that it's so true. And thanks.

    Linda--Perhaps it was too late of a night last? Carousing around Kirkwood until 3 in the morning will do that to you.

    Thank you. This is probably the ONLY time that will happen, I'm sure.

  5. Well done on your poem and impending publication. You're cutting into Linda's lead! And in the time it took her to retype her comment, she could have fired off three submissions. Perhaps she senses you nipping at her heels. Go Sioux! Go Linda! I'm nonpartisan in this race.

    1. Val--

      Yes, that's the cause--I'M nipping at Linda's dozens and dozens of publishing credits. Yeah, that's the ticket.

  6. Ms. Gaye won both first and third prize, if memory serves.

  7. Or perhaps it was first and second, but this poem won another contest as well. I think it won 2nd place in the Saturday Writers contest but first place in the St. Louis Writers Guild poetry contest. (I think you have to be a member...I'm not sure, since I am NOT a member.)

    Yes, Marcia is a consistent contest winner...

  8. Hey Sioux, Congratulations on your publication! YAY! And loved the poem because... err... I could relate!

    1. Lynn--Thanks. And yes, it's not fun to belong to the "Droopy Club."

  9. This is so exciting! I'm so proud of you! (And I definitely could relate to your poem!)

    1. Pat--Thanks. (Yes, this phase ain't ALL fun, but the perks definitely outweigh the physical downside.)

      And is that a new photo of you? You're getting younger looking! What's with that? (Is that what retirement does for you? ;)


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