The Pyrenees---Southern France

The Pyrenees---Southern France

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

2nd Place

Sometimes being #2 is enough. Sometimes it's wonderful.

A couple of days ago I read of a writer who snagged the second prize in WOW's nonfiction essay contest. Her piece was A. Maz. Ing. It's a moving story and it's well crafted.

You can read Bea's story here.

Today is my second day with students. Yesterday was an incredible day. My goal (one of many): to remember a few students' names in each class.

Sometimes #2 is better than #1. Even though I thoroughly enjoyed the first day, I'm looking forward to an even better day today.

How do you handle not making #1? Does missing top spot get you discouraged? 

Or, does it make you dig your heels in and try even harder the next time?


  1. Satisfied with #2? Depends on who got #1. If I think I'm better, it would make me try harder, to prove my worth. If #1 out-performed me, I would be honored to be #2, in such good company.

    I hope your school year is off to a fantastic start! Before you know it, you'll be watching the weather for snow days...

  2. Well...Jennifer Hudson placed 7th on American Idol, but that didn't stop her from winning an Oscar.

    Thanks for sharing Bea's story. I enjoyed the interview and found her #2 story to be haunting and extremely well written. I'm looking forward to reading more of her work. Thanks for bringing her to our attention.

  3. And by #2 story I mean "amazing and worthy of being read" as well as "#2 is also one helluva a winner."

  4. When the competition is fierce, being #2 can be as satisfying as #1. Well, almost... LOL


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