The Pyrenees---Southern France

The Pyrenees---Southern France

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Scene-Stealing Stephen King


photo by che1899

         One of my favorite TV shows is Sons of Anarchy.  I liken it to the Sopranos on motorcycles.

          On the most recent episode, Stephen King did a guest appearance.  (He loves the show just like I do!)  I knew this was going to happen this season, but I had no idea what part he would play.

        Playing a cleaner (a person hired to clean up after a horrendous crime) King was---as expected---an oddball on the show. 

       If you are a Stephen King fan, or if you're a writer, read his book on writing.  Not only does he allow you into his head as a writer, he also weaves a marvelous tale about rejection letters and persistence.


  1. Hi Sioux! I've seen all the previews and commercials for that show, but haven't watched it. I can't really say if I'm a fan of Stephen King or not...but I really did like the book you mentioned! It's really a fun and interesting...and of course, informative read!! Thanks for sharing all the info!

  2. Hi Sioux - I have read the book and agree that it is terrific. Stephen King is one of those authors that I love to read for his style alone. Whether it is a book I love (Shawshank Redemption) or am not too crazy about (Sarah Laughs) I am still blown away by his technique.

    I have not seen the show you mentioned. I'll have to watch for it.

  3. Becky---The show is a bit "rough" for some. However, I love the writing, and there is a female character at the core of it who has undergone some tragedies and emerged triumphant.

    There is some King that is too "out there" for me to connect with. However, his "Delores Claiborne," "Four Seasons" (where "Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption" came from), "The Green Mile" and "The Shining" are some of my favorites. And his book "Misery" is one of the best books about a writer I've ever read. Also, his son (Joe Hill) wrote a book called "Heart-Shaped Box" which is the best "ghost story" I've ever read. It had me almost from the beginning in its grip and did not let go until the very end.

    Lisa---I agree with you about "Shawshank" and about his technique. I'd love for someone to cut open his head so we could truly see what's inside; I'm sure it's a twisted "mess." I am not familiar with "Sara Laughs." Most of the really-out-there books of his I don't even begin or buy, because they're not my cup of tea.

    As for the show, you may not enjoy it. Ron Perlman is an actor who just owns the screen when he's in a scene (for various reasons), and Katey Sagal plays a complex character so well. But it IS rough around the edges...

  4. I was on a press trip to Yorkshire this week and the topic of how-to-write books came up. Everyone agreed that King's is one of the best.

  5. On Writing should be required reading for all aspiring writers!


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