The Pyrenees---Southern France

The Pyrenees---Southern France

Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Recipe and a Thank You

        Here is an easy recipe that I got from Pearl.  If you want to find the "official" version, check out her blog. I am simplying the steps.  It's not a hard recipe at all--sinfully easy and delicious--but I am lazy, and usually cook by the seat of my pants, so the amounts (in my version) depend upon your taste.

       I think Pearl calls it Hidden Valley Torte, but I call it Layers of Heaven...

  • 16 oz. of cream cheese, softened   (see the note about possible danger)
  • 1 envelope of Hidden Valley dip mix
  • roasted red peppers
  • artichoke hearts (canned or in jars)
  • fresh parsley
1.  Take a large-sized cereal bowl and line it with plastic wrap.
2.  Take some of the red pepper and cut it into strips, and lay it in whatever pattern/design you would like. (This step is optional.)  Pearl inadvertently ended up with a swastika, after the cream cheese shifted the pepper around.  I made sure to NOT end up with that same design...(This is going to be the "top" of your cream cheese mold. If you don't want to make it pretty, skip this step.)
3.  Mix the cream cheese and the Hidden Valley dip powder together. Put some on top of the red pepper/in the bottom of the bowl, and mash it down so that it takes on the shape of the bowl.
4.  Mince up the red pepper, the artichokes, and the parsley.  (Stick with the leaves of the parsley.  Throw away the spriggy-twiggy parts.)  Mix together.
5.  Spoon some of the tri-colored mixture onto the cream cheese stuff. Make sure you spread it all the way to the sides of the bowl...It will look pretty if you do it.
6.  Put some more cream cheese yumminess on top of the vegetable layer.  It will take a few moments to try and cajole the veggies into staying put, and make sure the cream cheese goes to the sides of the bowl.  Remember: pretty!
7.  You might have room for only three layers of cream cheese and two of veggies.  Whatever.  
8.  Let it sit for a few hours in the refrigerator.  Invert it onto a plate.  Surround it with crackers.  Enjoy.

Danger:  You might have some cream cheese mixture left over.  You can eat it with a spoon, or put it on a sandwich along with some turkey, or just stick your head into the bowl and...

Okay, so it's not "pretty" but it's the best I could do...

          And here are more thank yous for more followers...

Smaragda Vamvakari
Cecilia Krug---I don't know too much about Jenifer, other than, from assumptions made by the blogs she follows, that she is a mom.  Smaragda lives in another country, or at least speaks a different language that is gorgeous to look at, but is unrecognizable to me. Cecilia lives (or lived) and works in Brazil, and most of you are too young to remember the Simon and Garfunkle song called "Cecilia."  A great song...

Donna Volkenannt at http://donnasbookpub.blogspot.comDonna regularly posts news about contests and calls for submissions.  When she's not posting about that, she is writing about life and the writing process.

Jennee at  Jennee writes with  sharp sense of humor.

Jeff Campbell at  Jeff is a gifted photographer as well as a writer, making him a double threat.

Rohin Kallat at  Rohin writes from India, is acutely observant of people and cats and occasionally forays into cooking adventures.  He has the ability to take a simple, everyday experience and make it extraordinary.

Thanks, for making the last half of 2010 more productive (writing-wise) and more enjoyable.  I hope 2011 will prove to be a great year for you...

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  1. Happy New Year, Sioux. I am always fascinated by your photos. You always have the right one. What a great way to thank your followers. I think I am a two time follower. I am writerink. I'm not sure how to remove myself. You have my permission to X me out:)I certainly pray that 2011 will see a renewed oasis in the teaching arena for you. Barbara


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