The Pyrenees---Southern France

The Pyrenees---Southern France

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Thanks, Followers

        Since I am not good at welcoming new followers, I thought I would thank all my followers, a small group each day, for the next few days.

      If you just happened by my blog, and have lost interest, sorry.   If you don't have a blog but would like to leave a few tidbits about yourself in the form of a comment, I'd love it.

      These followers I don't know too much about:

Joe May

photo by {2H Design}

Hosee is a friend of mine; she is the best editor and butt-kicker around.  When I have any sort of "style" or grammar question, she has the answer.  When I need a spark, she's there to light it.  When I need some encouragement with my writing or some constructive criticism, she is ready.  If she had a blog it would be sharp looking and entertaining and inspiring, because she is a graphic artist as well as a writer.

Manda at  Manda has a very thoughtful blog.  She makes me think deeply. 

Becky at Becky has a wonderful blog...Music plays, it's chock-full of tidbits and links, and she just gave her blog a cool new look.  Becky is working on a book, and is the president of Saturday Writers, so she's serious about her craft.

Susan Artkras is the kind of teacher I despise.  I go to conferences with her, and she has an amazing amount of knowledge in her head.  If it's a theory or a book or a strategy, she knows of it or how to do it.  Technologically, she also knows how to do it all, which makes me want to puncture not one--but two--of her tires. (Of course, this is tongue-in-cheek.  I am in awe of Susan as a teacher.  She is so sharp and so intuitive...)

         Hopefully you all had fun ushering in 2011 last night, and may this year be full of fulfilling dreams...


  1. Happy New Year, Sioux, and thanks for adding my blog to your side bar!

  2. I am also a reader of your blog and have mentioned it in the TeacherLingo newsletter as one to read. You are a wonderful writer, and I always enjoy your posts.

  3. Fireblossom---Your poetry makes my mouth gape open...

    Betty--Thanks. I appreciate the "word of mouth."

  4. Hey Sioux! Thanks for the accolades! I hope I can live up to it all! :)

  5. Hey Sioux....are you a Seinfeld fan?? My word verification just now was "yadism" !

  6. Hi Sioux,
    Sorry to be so tardy saying thanks.
    You are a sweetie!


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