The Pyrenees---Southern France

The Pyrenees---Southern France

Monday, March 21, 2011

The Reason Why I Occasionally Paint My Toenails...

         Pink is not a color I ever had in my wardrobe...That is, not until a few years ago.

         I never put nail polish on my toenails. Not until I got squeals of delight for doing it.

         My granddaughter---born almost five years ago---has changed my perspective. She makes me gush (and my friends swore I was un-gushable!). She reminds me of the importance of taking time to "play." And she reminds me--no matter what problems I face--I was successful at parenting, because she is proof that my kids ended up healthy and happy.

           And if you think you see a bit of "devilment" in her eyes, you're close.  There's definitely a sparkle in her eyes. She's so clever, she does not forget a thing (even years later) and is full of personality...She can even get me to dance (when it's just her and me) and yet---my gift to the human race---I refuse to dance in any other situation.

        What has happened to you---personally or professionally---that has changed your life?



  1. First, what a cutie!

    As for what has changed me, many things have, but I would have to say my divorce, a decade ago. Almost nothing about my life today would have fit with my life then. I was in a straight marriage, family first, not writing a word, not paying much attention at all to my own needs and desires. Things are very different now.

  2. Hi Sioux, I'm with you on the dancing part! And your granddaughter is a beauty!

  3. She is just beautiful! I am right in there with you. I love feeling young and coming up with crazy things to do with my grandsons. It is just the best! Even when my knees hurt, I am playing basketball and running on the driveway. They make me laugh!

  4. Hi Sioux,
    What a beauty! You are truly blessed.
    Raising my grandchildren has changed my life.

  5. I can't get up off the floor without rolling onto my hands and knees, but my grandkids can make me bend over backwards. Your granddaughter is BEAUTIFUL!

  6. I'm a grandmother too (fairly new) and your granddaughter is quite "squishable!" The thing that affected me most in life was when I put myself through college at 27 years old while raising my daughter as single mom. Before I did that, I was quite shy. Now you should hear me ROAR! I guess I finally decided to not wait for someone to be proud of me - I became proud of myself! By the way, yes, Britton G. is the director at OSU's Writing Project - what a dear friend!

  7. She is beautiful!

    Children changed my life, both personally and professionally. And I hope grandchildren will someday, too!

  8. Fireblossom--I'm so glad you're now happier and able to express yourself...

    Lynn--If I started dancing in public, there would be screams of horror and snorts of laughter. I dance worse than Seinfeld's "Elaine."

    bettyb--They make us laugh with such ease, don't they! Kids, in my opinion, know what is REALLY important...

    Donna--And you are blessed with your grandkids. They seem like such well-rounded and nice young people.

    Linda---I know exactly what you mean. I try to situate myself close to a couch or a chair, so I can use it to help me get upright. It certainly is NOT a pretty sight---all the rolls and wrinkled droopiness reshifting itself.

    Kim--You are too young to be a grandma! Tell the truth!

    Tammy--Your children are quite precious. Enjoy them, even on the occasion when you want to pinch their heads off. Grandkids give you the chance to really relax and enjoy them. Ice cream for breakfast with Grammy--that's okay in Grammyland! (You'll get pleasure out of it, because you and your grandchild have a common enemy--your kids/their parents.)


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