The Pyrenees---Southern France

The Pyrenees---Southern France

Monday, March 5, 2012

Super Donna

         Donna Volkenannt is the writer we'd all like to be. She is humble (to a fault). She doesn't talk about what she should write. She simply writes. And she
        doesn't           give           up...

        Recently named first place winner in the Erma Bombeck Writing Competition, Donna was surprised. The folks who know her and know her work? Not so surprised. The competition? Over 500. 

        Congratulations, Donna. And in honor of two great writers, Erma and Donna, I will share one of my favorite Erma Bombeck stories.

Erma Bombeck
photo by sitsgirls

      Erma and her family were on vacation. Her husband was the type that would not stop the car. No sit-down lunches. No break to stretch out. Keep it movin', he maintained.

      Erma and the kids pleaded with him to pick an exit. "There's a restaurant that looks good," they'd beg, but the car continued on, hurtling past every spot they spied. 

      Digging into her purse, Erma offered her husband a piece of chocolate. "That'd be great," he replied. And thoughtful wife that she was, Erma unwrapped the piece of chocolate and handed it to her husband.

      'We'll be stopping soon,' she thought. 'He thought it was chocolate but really, it's Ex-Lax...' 


  1. Good ol' Erma! I think I've read all her books. I just loved her...well, I still do. I'm still so thrilled for Donna, and all of us that know her, can live vicariously about being THE winner!

  2. That is true, Becky. When good things happen to good people, we all can celebrate and revel in it.

  3. That was a good one. Erma was quite the character and writer.

  4. I always thought Erma was brilliant. Your story proves it. And I'm thriller for Donna. I read her story -- it's a riot!

  5. YAY for Donna and for Erma! LOL, loved that story.

  6. Hi Sioux,
    I LOVE your Erma story. It brings back a special memory of my own.
    Decades ago we lived in an upstairs apartment. Grocery shopping was always fun. One day I was hauling in the groceries and my then three-year-old son started rummaging through them right away, looking for sweets. By the time I carried up the last bag, Erik had opened what he thought was candy and ate the entire box. You guessed it--Ex-lax. He spent the rest of the day and a couple more in the bathroom.
    You are so kind to mention me again on your blog. I'm blushing.


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