The Pyrenees---Southern France

The Pyrenees---Southern France

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Book Blurb Friday #60

        Yes, it's almost Friday. That means another Book Blurb Friday offering from Lisa Ricard Claro

        The idea is write a book blurb--150 words or less--that is enticing enough to prompt hordes of people to engage in a purchasing frenzy.

        The photo was supposedly snapped by Lisa's daughter. But since Lisa is only 31, that's impossible. Actually, Christina is a rent-a-kid, but Lisa keeps dragging her out, desperately trying to keep the ruse alive. That's okay; we'll let her slide this week.

         The photo is gorgeous (unlike that lame one last week). It's so breathtaking, it calls for something ethereal  soaring --well, what it should get is something that's not juvenile. But that's what came to me this evening.

To the Moon, Mom
        by Sioux Roslawski

Tubby Toblerone gazed  at the moon, every night. And every night it was out of his reach.

He dreamed of going there some day, sure. But what were the chances? Tubby spent his time after school eating Vienna sausages, and Taco Bell bean burritos. And reading science books…

Would he ever don an astronaut’s suit and fly to the moon? Would he ever travel in a rocket ship? Would Tubby’s dream ever come true?

Probably not, but what he lacked in persistence, he made up for in gas. Huge clouds of stinky farts. The foggy fume followed him every moment of every day.

One day, he had a flash of brilliance. Or was it just that third can of sausages talking back? Tubby was going to the moon. And setting his farts on fire was going to be just the propulsion he needed…

(147 words)


  1. Tubby might want to load up on Beef-A-Rino from the price club. Rusty the horse swears by it.

  2. Oh,Val...You got me on that one. For once in my life, Seinfeld didn't come to mind. Neither did bread hoisted up by fishing line, either.

  3. Oh no - you can't name a farting hero after my favourite chocolate and expect to get away with it! The chocolate police will be after you for sure!!!

  4. OMG you are hysterical. To the moon!

  5. Well, this was a clever and funny take on the prompt, a real toot!

    1. Sioux, you are so funny! LOL ... even before you got to the story I was laughing. Your picture was great last week.

      Lighting his farts of fire to go to the moon, now that is a great story and I'm sure that 4th grade boys will love it!

      Kathy M.

  6. Sandra--I'm very fond on those odd-shaped bars myself.

    Linda--Yes, a little of the Honeymooners in this one.


    Kathy--Thanks for the "pity compliment" ;) You know, I imagine boys that age WOULD love that story. Perhaps you just gave me an idea for the next NaNoWriMo...

  7. Sioux, ok, funny story, But, No, not butt. oh no. Let me try this again.

    Sioux, your first paragraph (despite the name of character) is pretty marvelous. Love that second sentence. Very poetic.

    Still, back to the story - could make a fine limerick.


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