The Pyrenees---Southern France

The Pyrenees---Southern France

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Dark Thoughts and Devious Schemes and Dogs, Oh My!

         What do you get when you take four women with only an ounce of deviousness between them, a trip to the Dollar Store gone soooo wrong, and you add Linda O'Connell's birthday to the mix? You get last night's WWWP writing critique night.

       Because Linda's birthday fell on one of our meeting nights, and because Lynn has a steeljaw trap of a memory, we all conspired to surprise her. 

       Unfortunately, when Lynn went to the Dollar Store to find something to decorate the birthday cheesecake with, she was arrested for overly "handling" the merchandise. (Relax--we pooled our resources together and bailed her out in time.)

         And as is always the case, we learned a great deal as we worked on honing our writing skills...

  • Tammy learned of a high-calorie liquid diet she might consider trying sometime (when it comes back into style). She found out about it from Beth who is a maniac when it comes to exercise and physical fitness, to the point she even has her own personal trainer...
  • Getting outside of your writing box and working in a different genre is sometimes scary, but it can also be quite rewarding. I'm working on a story about Big Foot for a High Hill Press collection. (3,000 word limit, deadline is August 15, can be fiction or nonfiction...and no, you cannot write a funny story about your big hairy feet. I already pitched that size 11's cannot be the star of the story. Sasquatch needs to be the highlight of the tale.)  My story did not put anyone to sleep (although we were hopped up on Lynn's cheesecake) so that's a good sign.
  • Laughter is good for the soul. The experts say it's more powerful than some medicines and if that's the case, the five us will never be plagued by a serious disease. Our twice-monthly "therapy" sessions will keep us healthy...I'm sure of it.

       This week I got notice that two of my dog stories have made it through the initial round of judges for the Publishing Syndicate's NYMB. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that these two memoirs don't come slinking back home with their "tales" between their legs...I'm hoping they make it through all the rounds with the judges.

         One of these stories being considered tells about the time I stole a dog. Yes, well-behaved, always-serious me. Aren't you intrigued? You'll have to buy the book to find out what happens...  

         There are several deadlines for future Not Your Mother's Book collections coming up this summer--but dozens more that are still looking for submissions and don't even have a deadline yet.  Check them out--it could be another (or another several) publishing credits under your belt...  


  1. Hi Sioux,
    Congratulations on your acceptances.
    Linda and Dianna spoke about the NYMB deadlines on Saturday. I need to check them out.

  2. Sioux, Come on! Liquid diet? By the way thanks again, and your Big Foot story has such a unique slant, I think the potential could go beyond an anthology submission. I am very serious. I am even thinking BIG SCREEN.

  3. Donna--I know you have scads of stories. Get busy sending some of them off.

    Linda--What did you put in your tea last night? I'm serious, too.

  4. Hey Sioux! Congrats on your two doggy stories! I just heard from Pat Wahler that her story made it through the first round, too! And thanks for your comment on my blog today! Here's hoping we all DO make it to publication!

  5. Congratulations on the dog stories - they'll both probably make it! Can't wait to read them!

  6. Becky--Thanks, Maybe scads of St. Louis writers will have stories in it? I'll keep my fingers crossed...

    Lynn--Thank you. I'm sure you have a dog story or two you could write...even if it involves dogsitting a little dog named Wee...

  7. Unfortunately, I am no longer active enough to take on that high calorie diet these days. Alas! But congratulations on your dog stories!

  8. I hope the statute of limitations has run out on that dog theft. You must really have some sticky fingers. And Linda must be right. I can see it now. From Big Foot to Big Screen: The Sioux Roslawski Story.

  9. Tammy--Thanks. Hopefully your activity level will pick up soon ?

    Val--My fingers are only sticky when I eat chocolate...but a few licks, and they're clean.

    And who do you suggest to play me on the big screen version of my life? I'm sure actresses will be clamoring for the opportunity to portray me.

  10. Congratulations on the dog stories! Can't wait to read them!

  11. Sorry to take so long in recommending who we cast to play the lead role in your life story. I'm voting for Shirley Maclaine. She won't even need makeup. We'll save a bundle. And she might have been you in another life, anyway. So she won't really have to study lines or learn your mannerisms. Why, she should be paying US to star in your biopic!


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