The Pyrenees---Southern France

The Pyrenees---Southern France

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I'm Topless...and My Son's in a Speedo

     My story "Half Right" has made it over the first hurdle at Publishing Syndicate. It takes place during a trip I took to France with my teenaged son...and the tale involves me going topless and my son having to wear a speedo. Doesn't that make you want to gouge your mind's eye out run out and buy a copy, once it's available?

    Of course, it might not make it through the final rounds. And that's okay, because this post is to encourage more submissions.  There are several calls for submissions, and the deadlines are coming up soon.

  • On Being a Woman--July 1
  • On Dogs--July 1
  • On Holidays--July 1
  • On Travel--August 1
  • On Being a Stupid Kid--August 1
  • On Family--October 1
  • On Being a Mom--October 1
       Most of the bloggers I follow are women, so I know you have countless stories to share. Most of the people I like are dog people (or cat people--there's an anthology for them, too). Everybody has had whacky or screwed-up or warm holiday memories. Everybody did stupid things when they were a kid. Now's your chance to make some money and gain some notoriety over your antics, to counteract the trouble you got into decades ago. Look at the titles. Think "edgy." Look at the guidelines, and submit...


  1. Now you've done it. Instead of an earworm, I've got a mind's eye worm. Which doesn't detract from my desire to read your story.

    I was almost afraid to click on your post, because I really need my mind and eyes today. I just finished a story for NYMB On Family. Let's just say it involves cheese-cutting. I need to let it age for a little while. But knowing me, that will only be a few hours. It's the duality of my nature. I'm either procrastinating or rushing.

    Maybe they should add another title: On Being Stupid. I do more stupid things now than when I was a kid.

  2. Val--I wholeheartedly agree. Maybe you could pitch that title idea to them...They might take you on as a "co-creator."

  3. I will never submit. Well, I *might*, if i could just get this &%$#@ chastity belt off....

  4. I wish I had lived a crazy life to provide me with writing material for these call outs, but I've led a pretty boring one. I have written one story, now to find which category it fits best in.

  5. You have such a way with words, Sioux!

  6. Thanks for making me laugh, smile, pee my pants.

  7. Fireblossom--You know, in this case, "submit" is not a four letter word...

    Janet--Sometimes it's the ordinary stories that are the most moving...

    Jennifer--Ditto! You're an award-winning writer.

    Linda--You're not so bad yourself at making us pee...on Lynn's couch.

  8. You're getting to be as prolific at publishing as Linda... congratulations!


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