The Pyrenees---Southern France

The Pyrenees---Southern France

Monday, November 1, 2010

Ee-i ee-i oh! NaNoWriMo--Oh!


        I committed myself to trying out NaNoWriMo this year...I've heard differing accounts from people.  It will be interesting to see if I can keep up with the daily word count requirements, and who knows where my story will go?  (Or even where it will begin, since I did not have a novel idea for a novel until this evening, after poring over 1000 plot ideas from the internet.)

        Because it might get me into some daily writing habits, I'm embarking on this month-long journey.

          My blogging got mired up in muck for a couple of weeks...I could whine, but since there is no decent cheese around, what's the point?  It has been parent-teacher conferences (with a couple of doozies), and then two workshops to prepare for--one last week and one that just took place today.  Prepping for a sub is tough, because you can't just call in when you're sick or when you want to take a personal day--you have to write sub plans, and they have to be detailed...You have to include things like, "Carl will get a nosebleed and want to go to the nurse.  Do not let him.  Just tell him to stop digging in his nose."

         So, if you occasionally check in, I'm sorry I have not been too active lately.  Part of me loves blogging and would post several times a day if I had the time, and another part of me wonders if I am blogging instead of putting forth some serious effort on writing.

         Before I begin NaNoWriMo tonight, I want to toot my own horn and Louella Turner and Donna Volkenannt's, along with many other Saturday Writers like Becky Povich, Teddy Norris, Cindy Allen, and Lonnie Whitaker.  The new issue of Cuivre River Volume V is out, and I have a story in it...It's called "Swizzle Stick" and had an interesting beginning.  A writing friend of mine---Julie---gave me the phrase "swizzle stick" as a prompt.  I wrote a story, polished it up, and it's been sitting around, waiting for the right opportunity to shine.


      Now I'm off to begin my book...


  1. Yay for you!! I didn't realize the history of your story!! Very cool. AND congrats on doing the NANO! I'm doing my own version of it for the same reasons as you....I need to write more!! AND not on my blog...or others' for that bye bye for now!!

  2. good to read you Sioux - good luck with your word count and your novel. Keep us posted, ok??? ps - loved the whine and no cheese comment ;)

  3. Hey Sioux, I have no idea what NaNoWriMo is about, but I glean it's a form of inspiration, and I'm behind inspiration 100%! I'm over here to visit you and also to respond to the comment you left on my living-to-140 post. I am so, so sorry to hear of your dad's alzheimer's. There is nothing good about that situation -- for ANYONE. And, no, you didn't offend me at all to make those comments on the (actually now fairly distant) heels of my Dad's death. I was relieved when he died because it was time for him to do so. His quality of life was history. It's the hanging-on that makes me sad (and frustrated). People live much too long these days! QUALITY IN THE MOMENT! (I guess that's the bumper sticker I'd go for.) My best to you, Katie

  4. Who knows from whence we garner inspiration? Swizzle stick turned out to be a keeper for you. Congrats on your story!


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